LOOK OUT 2019! SXSW was a wild time - and now we have some festivals in the books for Spring as well as a West Coast Summer tour that we’ll be announcing soon!

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Early bird tickets for HOME GROWN festival available now!!

Early bird tickets for HOME GROWN festival available now!!

New music video released for “Captain Howdy” - Dec. 2018

With KXT’s Local Music Month coming to a close and the Local Music Showcase at Four Corners Brewery only a day away, Denton’s queens of joyful noise Pearl Earl popped into the studio for a chat with Amy Miller and a festive pre-party jam

Pearl Earl - Somethin's Gotta Change Recorded Live - Daytrotter Studios - Davenport, IA More Pearl Earl: Visit Daytrotter:
Summer Tour Time. Go to our Facebook page link to see event pages for a show near you!

Summer Tour Time. Go to our Facebook page link to see event pages for a show near you!


20 Best Local Albums of the Year

Dallas Observer

Denton's Pearl Earl has had a banner year. The psych rock group, which comprises four women (Ariel Hartley, Stefanie Lazcano, Bailey Chapman and Chelsey Danielle), got its music to a larger audience in 2017. Getting tapped to open for Tripping Daisy at its blow-out reunion gig at Club Dada helped, as did the release of Pearl Earl's self-titled debut through Fort Worth's Dreamy Life Records. It was nominated for Best Album at this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards. Title track "Meet Your Maker" also earned a nod for Best Song. Caroline North

SXSW 2019 Showcase schedule

SXSW 2019 Showcase schedule

Pearl Earl performs "Captain Howdy" for the Shake Studio Series. Audio by Cafe Solo Studios in Denton, TX. Powered by Smith Music.

Fortress Festival Lineup Announcement

The annual two-day festival will hold its second edition this April 28 & 29 in Fort Worth’s world renowned Cultural District. Over 20 bands, including Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett, Chicano Batman and more will perform on two outdoor stages.

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DAM AWARDS 2018: Song of the Year


Bono recently claimed that rock n’ roll “has gotten very girly.” Well, if “girly” rock n’ roll is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Straight out of an indie coming-of-age film’s exposition (or credits, as it was used in the ode-to-Denton short film I Stand Alone), Pearl Earl’s “Meet Your Maker” is a psych-rock feast for the ears. The band is notorious in Denton for its all-woman composition and an all-around amazing roster of musicians, but this song stands apart for its groovy instrumentation, catchy progressions, and politically-charged words. The quartet of Pearl Earlians deliver their self-described genre of “rainbow fuzz power” while reciting lyrics that should resonate if the 2017 news left you asking, “How could they even vote for a man/who paid a million for his tan?”


Levitation 2018 Lineup Announcement


Pearl Earl is playing Levitation's NRML showcase on April 28, 2018 with Thee Oh Sees, Holy Wave, Vuelveteloca, Tajak, and Hidden Ritual! New lineup additions have been released and tickets for 19 shows across the weekend are on sale now!

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March 12- Pearl Earl's Official SXSW Showcase

Pearl Earl is playing the Discover Denton Showcase at Sidewinder at Midnight on Monday, March 12th.  Keep a lookout for unofficial shows later in the SX week!

Friday Double Feature: HURRICANE PSYCH

Pearl Ear’s heart-eyed Bowie sounds landed them on She Shredsover the summer for a debut of “Captain Howdy.”  When the Denton trio-turned-four-piece leans furthest into garage power-pop, it always sounds as if they’re painting over something dark. And they out themselves as ghosts (cover: aliens) in the gleefully abrasive “Meet Your Maker” video. Haunting a psychedelic backdrop in palest pink catsuits and lipstick, the original trio appears intermittently to dance and play their instruments. Artist Alex Aulson provided analog visuals that go from neo-psychadelic chaos to sharper geometrics and back again. Pearl Earl plays Friday at Texas Theatre after a screening of 1970 British crime drama Performance featuring Mick Jagger at his most gorgeous.